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2711 S Ocean Dr 2304 Hollywood FL 33019 STUNNING!!!!! FULLY and professionally furnished unit Turnkey! Unobstructed Panoramic Direct Ocean, Intracoastal & SE Miami Sky Line Views! 3 Bedrooms +media-family room+ Laundry Room! Master Suite with Jacuzzi,5 Star Resort Amenities: State of the Art F...

2711 S Ocean Dr 2304 Hollywood FL 33019 STUNNING!!!!! FULLY and professionally furnished unit Turnkey! Unobstructed Panoramic Direct Ocean, Intracoastal & SE Miami Sky Line Views! 3 Bedrooms +media-family room+ Laundry Room! Master Suite with Jacuzzi,5 Star Resort Amenities: State of the Art F... submitted by HakanKIR to u/HakanKIR [link] [comments]

Aerial view of Maldives island, luxury water villas resort and wooden pier. Beautiful sky and ocean lagoon beach background.

Aerial view of Maldives island, luxury water villas resort and wooden pier. Beautiful sky and ocean lagoon beach background. submitted by PlayandLearn02 to u/PlayandLearn02 [link] [comments]

Ocean Sky Resort

So I booked 5 nights at this place for myself, my wife and two teen aged kids for our first post-COVID trip. The rates from NYC for airfare and this hotel were almost too low to believe given the surge in travel and subsequent increase in prices. Overall Fort Lauderdale seemed very reasonable but this came in at about 500 pp, including airfare and 5 nights.
I then started reading reviews of the Ocean Sky and there are very few mediocre ones. It's either described as a dirty fleabag or the Taj Majal on the Atlantic, which gives me some concern.
Can anyone on this sub give me a little real world insight into this place? Like it's fine or cancel and book elsewhere?
Thanks in advance.
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Ocean Sky Scammer - BEWARE New Forex Traders

Anyone who is new to forex please be careful of these "gurus". A lot of them are criminal scammers. @RealOceanSky Is a huge scammer who runs a brokerage/ponzi scheme. BEWARE!
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The Sky and The Ocean (ambient track using mc-101 and minilogue xd)

The Sky and The Ocean (ambient track using mc-101 and minilogue xd) submitted by tails_the_gay_fox to synthesizers [link] [comments]

Bluebird skies over the Kootenay Ocean at Red Resort in Rossland, BC yesterday.

Bluebird skies over the Kootenay Ocean at Red Resort in Rossland, BC yesterday. submitted by spamgobbler to skiing [link] [comments]

Unravel the beauty of The Ocean Views Resorts under the open sky. Lift up in a radiant glow, celebrate this festive season far from the hustle and bustle city life by booking a stay here!! The Ocean Views will be a fantastic new 5 star resort situated on the top of a hill in Pecatu, The Bukit.

Unravel the beauty of The Ocean Views Resorts under the open sky. Lift up in a radiant glow, celebrate this festive season far from the hustle and bustle city life by booking a stay here!! The Ocean Views will be a fantastic new 5 star resort situated on the top of a hill in Pecatu, The Bukit. submitted by Theoceanviews to u/Theoceanviews [link] [comments]

"Food, wine and spectacular sunsets await at this The Ocean Views resort". Rejoice in a walk through enchanting views and spectacular skies of a brand new development of luxuries villa Resort.The resort will consist of one, two and three bedroom luxury pool villas.

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The newest and most adventurous escape room is now in Fort Lauderdale Florida we are located inside the Ocean Sky Resort.To know more information visit -: http://thejetskiescape.com/

The newest and most adventurous escape room is now in Fort Lauderdale Florida we are located inside the Ocean Sky Resort.To know more information visit -: http://thejetskiescape.com/ submitted by thejetskiescape to u/thejetskiescape [link] [comments]

Weapons Inspection

“Ambassador? Ambassador…”
“Yes! Yes! I am awake. I was just thinking of his majesty, the King’s greatness!”
“Of course you were.” said the aide.
“So what were you saying? Better be something noteworthy to disturb my relentless thoughts towards the King.” Said the old Brion strut and proud.
“We are approaching Mars. The Terrans are waiting for our confirmation. Are we ready to disembark?”
“Yes! Yes! With haste, of course. Now go. Go! Tell the captain to dock the ship, By the King!”
“By the King.”
Left alone in his chamber the grumpy old Brion looks out of the viewing port and sees the planet so called Mars, apparently it was named after an ancient God of War of the terrans. How impudent of them. To think a forsaken deity could rival the might and graciousness of the King. He recalls how the planet was initially uninhabitable even for the deathworlders called Humans as it was barren, without a suitable atmosphere and without proper magnetic field. Very different from what he sees beneath him. Large oceans now rule the surface and green lush forests swarm the lands. Here and there you could still see the red dust and red rocks that inspired humans to name it "Red Planet" back in time.
As he waits for his ship to dock in the orbital ring that adorns the celestial body he wonders if this species is as primitive and as barbaric as many at the royal court make them out to be.
“Ambassador, this is John Nebulous, the Governor of Mars and the Ambassador appointed by the Terran Government.” The aide makes way as an old but robust looking humanoid steps forward. The fur in his head grey and white, his facial features withered by the unrelenting march of time, his stature diminished compared to the youth of his species, his gaze just as sharp as in his prime. Behind him follows the dignified light grey coat woven in golden details, so majestic that it almost seems waving in the non existent air currents of the station. The numerous military decorations show that he has countless battles behind his back.
“Greetings, I'm the Humble being that speaks for the Great King of the Brions, my name is not relevant compared to his majesty’s greatness. Refer to me just as Ambassador.” Proudly said, while puffing out his chest and straightening his back to seem taller. Reaching an impressive metre and 15 centimetres by Human standards.
“Greetings to you Ambassador. As stated by your adjutant I have been chosen by the Terran Senate to lead the negotiations regarding our provisional acceptance in the Coalition of the 1st Arm. Your arrival has come earlier than we expected and I fear that without the diplomats from Keltes and Ryuji we cannot begin our talks.”
A bit annoyed, the Brion thinks of what to do. After all, they arrived two days earlier thanks to his insistence of leaving with great haste in order to deal with the unexpected events that are bound to happen in an uncivilised and wild sector, such as the one controlled by the Humans. He expected pirate attacks or lawless bands of mercenaries to hinder his glorious arrival but surprisingly everything went smoothly.
“Well. Since we are to gather here to talk about war affairs, how about we show you some of our military assets, just to put your mind and heart at ease.” said the old human, smiling.
A bit shaken by the sheer size, the predatory gaze and show of teeth from his human counterpart he takes a moment to reply.
“Sure, why not. I hope you will give us a decent sighting to report to his Majesty.”
The small group heads for a shuttle that will lead them to the surface, during the brief ride the Brion tries to extract a bit of information from their soon to be allies. Also looking for something to make fun of or potential weaknesses.
“So tell me, Governor, what can you human add by joining our formidable alliance?”
“Well, you will see shortly. As of now we are heading to base “Martia Victrix”, where the 12th Warnauts Division is currently preparing for deployment, look outside the window, you will see it from here.”
Confused, the Ambassador looks outside, how could one see a planetary structure from up here? They just entered the atmosphere! All he could see was just a big city.
“I find it difficult to see your so-called base. Maybe I'll see it once we get closer.”
The old human chuckled “Well you see my friend, that is the base.”, pointing at what was mistaken as a large city.
By the King’s might. Yes he could see now. The city was actually a base! He spotted airfields here and there and depots the size of towns! Barracks, shooting ranges and even a vehicle training ground. The base itself was actually of a geometrical shape, encased by a sturdy and tall wall overlooked by countless defensive towers and few imposing gates. In the middle of all of this a large and blocky structure resembling what a modern castle would look like stood mighty, and proud, the Command Centre.
“Martia Victrix, in honour of ancient times, it means something like: martial and victorious, very appropriate to have such name on the planet our ancestors named after the God of War. As you can see the base is all encompassed by a wall the shape of a 8 point star, 20 metres high, 10 deep and wide, with compartmentalised and separated sections; Its surface area is around 1500km². Well defended by 9 independent and overlapping shield generators each able to cover the entirety of the base; of course there are fixed weapons emplacements on the bastions and towers but we also have numerous hidden retractable weapon platforms supplemented by 10 mobile Air Defence missile Brigades sparse around. The 4 airfields are capable of hosting up to 1000 Air and Space crafts, of different sizes, each and the system of underground depots and bunkers assures us we have enough ammunitions and consumables to conduct high intensity operations for 2 years without resupply. The base has a permanent garrison of 8 mechanised regiments and 4 attached armoured battalions, if needed additional units will be stationed.”
The Ambassador had the face expression equivalent to his species of a jaw drop. Nebulous continued.
“Sadly i must say that during our wargames we found out that this base cannot hold out for too long without external assistance, especially allied warships. If the case arose, where the Martia Victrix was isolated and under assault, we estimated that with rationing and scavenging it could only hold for a period of 10 years, if hastily prepared, up to 25 years with due preparations and facing the average opponent in the galaxy. We based our estimates on the Xarlark.”
“Average opponent my ass.” thought the Ambassador “Those wild beasts are known for stopping at nothing short of a black hole. And They estimated 10 years? No matter their apparent bravado these Humans must have exaggerated their claims. I refuse to believe this.”
“V-very amusing, maybe you are indeed worthy of being at his Majesty’s side, just for the brief period. I shall judge once I see your units up and close.”
The shuttle softly touched steel on a landing pad protruding from what seemed from the sky as a modern take on a castle. And that was the intention when it was built.
Every surface that was not dedicated to sensors or weapons was covered by thick steel and composite plating of unknown materials. Walking through the corridors the alien ambassador could notice two things. Firstly, the absurd amount of security ranging from the point defence turrets at every blast door to the weapons lockers on every single floor. Secondly the discipline these seemingly barbarous people seemed to have; for every human they went by everyone stopped and saluted, not him. "NOT ME! They are saluting the old man that is accompanying the great myself!" despite his indignation at such a thing he realised his guide must have served a remarkable military career before becoming Governor of Mars, finding some courage he asked.
“Well, despite the sorry appearance you show right now, your subordinates seem to have respect for your presence. Tell me, now; what have you done to gain such fame?”
He smiled and took off his hat. Beneath the white fur of his head stayed right in place, ordered and shiny, as if coated by a mysterious wax.
“You see this?” said pointing to a little sphere lodged on the front of his hat: light blue, so light it seemed white, so light it was actually fluorescent? Yes, the little sphere was actually emanating a faint light.
“That’s a Neutron Star Medal. It’s considered one of the highest Honors in our society. I got it back in the days when I was only 142 years old, ahh, I was still young and strong!”
More perplexed than anything the small group continued, eventually they reached an open area where Sol's radiation heated the cold skin of the Brions, happily they took a minute to breathe in the fresh air.
“Here we are. This is the designated area for the 12th Warnaut Division.”
“What’s with the name?”
“Oh you see… Back when we were just exploring the stars the ones who had the task to explore the unknown were called Astronauts and Cosmonauts. We wanted to maintain a sort of tradition, for the bravest and most daring men. Of course this is just one of the formations we employ, see them as a sort of Elite Units. We also have the Marines, the Army, the Space Force, the Landers, the Imperial Guards and so on, each with their own different units for different tasks and purposes…”
The Human war hero stopped as he noticed the Ambassador was shocked and in awe of what was in front of him.
Rows and rows of armoured vehicles, artillery, tanks, trucks, atmospheric support aircrafts (helicopters/hovercrafts), armoured scout cars, war bicycles and so on.
“By the king! This must be your whole armada! This is outstanding!”
“Whole? No, you misunderstood... this is just the equipment of the 12th Division, we are currently reviewing it”
“Can you tell me what those are? They must be the bane of the battlefield!” said pointing at some vehicles in the distance, towering and menacing.
“Ah yes. The Self Propelled Extreme Terrain Artillery, and Howitzers. See those right there, they are 10 inches variable lenght barrel. the barrel lenght can be manually adjusted directly in the field with integrated and complex mechanisms from the calibre lenght of L60 to L15. Depending on the operational needs they can operate either as long range artillery or as howitzers, as the name implies. They have four mechanical legs with variable foot area and have a maximum ground clearance of 5.5m, enabeling them to move even in the harshest of terrains. If magnetised and with adequate preparation they can scale vertical walls. They are not meant for frontline combat but are very impressive at first sight.”
“How many are assigned per unit?”
“Each Warnaut Division has 72, in addition to 2 Self propelled artillery Battalions and 1 self propelled rocket artillery Battalion. Sometimes additional units are assigned as extra support companies.”
“A-And what are those!”
“Those are the Drone Carriers, Land vehicles that can launch and control remotely up to 10 drones each, for reconnaissance or suicide drones swarm attack. Each Division has 124 of them.”
“What about that?”
“That’s an Adaptable Battle Tank, we can change configuration with a couple of mechanics in few hours depending on the needs.”
“And that?”

Hours went by as the Ambassador inquired about everything regarding those wonders of technology, the likes of which the Royal Army would not even dream of. Initially he was just sceptical but in the end he was just craving knowledge and wanted to know more, not for his King or for the intelligence bureau, but for himself, for his curiosity.
“This armament was nothing short of amazing, tell me, how many such divisions can you field? Surely they cannot be that much!”
“Well yes, we only have 53 Warnauts Division... and the Marine Division are just slightly less combat capable as they are around 25 thousands strong; while Warnauts are usually 30 thousands strong at full strength. If memory does not betray me we should have around 250 Marine Divisions; ah, also around 500 Army Divisions which are a bit inferior in terms of numbers and equipment to the first two… about the others… I don’t really remember, sorry. We should have around 2000 Divisions made out of volunteers and are able to, with the current equipment stockpiles, field up to 25000 divisions with standard equipment. If we really need to, we can resort to somewhat outdated stuff we have in warehouses…”
Nebulous paused as he noticed the Ambassador had stopped listening, still trying to make sense of what he heard.

“I will ask our King if we can become your vassals.”

An ominous shadow looming over them.
“Ah! Wait until you see the Navy!
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At the heart of Baan Hin Sai Boutique Resort and Spa, a natural spa constructed in the rock outcrop. Guests receive their spa treatment in an open pavilion on top of cliff with a full view of the ocean an blue sky.

At the heart of Baan Hin Sai Boutique Resort and Spa, a natural spa constructed in the rock outcrop. Guests receive their spa treatment in an open pavilion on top of cliff with a full view of the ocean an blue sky. submitted by dreamprincess to Health [link] [comments]

Poor Man's Crowdfunding Roundup: July 17 2022

What is this?

This is a shallow and very blatant copy of catanimal's excellent weekly crowdfunding roundup that sadly came to an end a while ago. Like many here I always looked forward to these lists and have highly depended on them to not miss out on many great games.
I was hoping that someone would continue on, but so far that hasn't happened, at least not in this format. Videos and commentary are great, but for me personally, I just want a list.
So while waiting for some someone else to do this properly (unlike what you are looking at right now), I fired up my IDE last night and threw something together to generate something similar. I mostly made this for myself, but I figured that I might as well just post it here too in case someone else might find it useful. My code is smelly, lacks any tests whatsoever and needs a lot more tweaking, so take it for what it is. Especially the Gamefound and BGG integrations are very rudimentary right now. The Kickstarter integration also tend to match a bunch of STLs, Dice and other board game accessories which aren't particularly relevant for this list. But hey, that's what makes this the poor man's roundup. If stars align and I happen to do this again, I'll see if I can improve on it a tad.
And yes, since this will undoubtedly come up, it is indeed Sunday here in Europe, thank you very much mr fancy pants American who obviously owns a watch and isn't afraid to use it.
The criteria for the two lists are as follows:

Ending soon

Newly launched

So onward to the lists. I hope someone will find this useful.

Ending Soon

Name Description Backers Pledged Ends Platform BGG
OLYMPLAKKS┃The all in one sports board game Play more than 10 different sports in +100 minigames with your loved ones┃2-5 players┃7-99 years old 763 €40,699.92 (407%) 2022-07-17 Kickstarter
FlickFleet: Xeno Wars A new stand-alone expansion for the FlickFleet space battle dexterity game which adds two new alien species and rules for more than two players. n/a £30,478.00 (funded) 2022-07-18 Gamefound BGG
Sinister Sacrament: Cultist Quick-adventures for D&D 5e - $1 5 cultist themed mini-adventures and other cultist related content for D&D Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. 791 $6,648.50 (6649%) 2022-07-18 Kickstarter
Channel WON A semi-cooperative card game of reporting news stories. Resort to anything to report everything! 374 $12,956.00 (104%) 2022-07-18 Kickstarter BGG
The Secret of Green Piece War is moving into the oceans. 32mm resin casted miniatures for RPG gamers, painters and collectors. 151 €13,869.80 (252%) 2022-07-18 Kickstarter
Stonewall Uprising: The Fight for Gay Civil Rights A fast-playing, 2 player historical board game portraying the struggle for gay civil rights from the 1960s through the 1980s. 399 $26,693.00 (534%) 2022-07-18 Kickstarter BGG
Shuttle Alpha Mk IV 2022 edition of our flagship 28mm OpenLOCK-compatible 3D printable aerospace vehicle 440 €15,418.00 (308%) 2022-07-18 Kickstarter
Dice Throne: Santa VS Krampus Two new and original Dice Throne heroes battle in this exciting, accessible stand-alone dueling game. Delivered by Christmas.* 9989 $708,745.60 (2362%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter BGG
Combate Épico em Masmorras Fantastic Dungeon Grappling Translating Fantastic Dungeon Grappling for SJGames' Dungeon Fantasy RPG into Brazilian Portuguese 124 $610.00 (122%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter
Proxy War Print & Play Edition: An Indie Strategy Board Game 2-8 player strategy board game where players become dictators, rebels, & greedy foreign powers. 101 $561.00 (561%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter
Drop Bears DROP BEARS: A cooperative survival game for 1-4 players. Drop Bears lurk in the Aussie bush every night, can you survive until dawn? 1432 A$139,734.32 (163%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter BGG
War of Orcs and Dwarves Wars of Orcs and Dwarves is an exciting fun to play mass fantasy battle game which can be played with any fantasy miniatures. 119 £1,811.00 (181%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter
Bedeville Carnival Gates of Bedeville are opening soon! In this smart strategy game you will play as a zombie and compete throughout the fun-packed night! 380 €21,355.00 (427%) 2022-07-19 Kickstarter BGG
Summit: Sanity + BIG BOX Mind over matter? Prove it. n/a $99,509.00 (funded) 2022-07-20 Gamefound BGG
Butter Princess A roleplaying game about a doomed dairy heist at the Minnesota State Fair. 232 $6,506.00 (434%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter
Company of Heroes Board Game 2nd Edition The improved and expanded Company of Heroes Board Game returns! 4656 $946,302.50 (1893%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter BGG
Fiese Freunde Fette Feten - 2. Reprint der H&F Edition Helft uns, einen weiteren Reprint zu finanzieren, damit dieses tolle Spiel auch weiterhin verfügbar ist. 627 €38,163.00 (95%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter
A collection of 3 Print and Play games. A great collection of 3 Print and Play, Roll and Write games. 388 €2,752.00 (2752%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter
COLOSSUS by Alone Editions A solo card game 1747 €54,502.00 (441%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter BGG
Mystery Dice, The Kickstarter A beautiful new box of Mystery Dice arrives at your door... but what's in it!? 3292 $256,580.69 (1026%) 2022-07-20 Kickstarter
Plant Girl Game Plant Girl Game is a tabletop roleplaying game about a family of plant children working together to prevent ecological disaster in their small town. n/a $3,659.00 (not funded) 2022-07-21 Gamefound
MAPS FOR FANTASY RPGs 4 & 5 - ROYALTY FREE MAPS Royalty Free Maps for use in Commercial/Private TTRPG projects, ideal for DnD, 5e, Pathfinder, OSR, CoC and other fantasy games! 130 A$6,471.32 (647%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Bard RPG Choose your Archetype, find the Story Threads, and drive your adventure forward in this all-ages, genre-agnostic TTRPG! 320 $10,983.00 (128%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Encyclopedia Arcana I-Treasures - Advanced Fighting Fantasy A book of treasures and magic items from the world of Titan to fit into any Advanced Fighting Fantasy campaign! 210 £2,956.00 (148%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Stardust Coffee Resource and dice management board game with high strategy about making the best coffee of the galaxy 299 HK$70,406.00 (121%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter BGG
Abyss of Hallucinations Vol. 2 - A MÖRK BORG Setting Volume 2 of the MÖRK BORG compatible setting based on Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies. 373 $17,941.00 (598%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
By This Axe: The Cyclopedia of Dwarven Civilization The ancient customs & grim grudges of the dwarves are revealed in this sourcebook for old-school fantasy campaigns. Launches June 21! 403 $38,128.00 (381%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
The Grand Carnival Expansion & Reprint Take your carnival on the road in this campaign-based expansion to the award-winning game, The Grand Carnival. 1578 $64,135.00 (347%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Iron Kingdoms: The Nightmare Empire Pirates, Sea Witches, and Iron Liches for 5e 2881 $266,631.00 (444%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Mega-Dungeon Map Set A set of big black and white tabletop gaming maps you can print at home or upload for online play. 109 $796.00 (398%) 2022-07-21 Kickstarter
Palace of the Golden Princess #1 5e module and comic based on the first RPG adventure written by a woman 108 $4,070.00 (81%) 2022-07-22 Kickstarter
BATMAN: The Arkham Asylum Files GOTHAM CITY comes to life in this epic Augmented Reality puzzle-box series featuring THE JOKER, BATMAN and HARLEY QUINN. 905 $262,293.00 (1049%) 2022-07-22 Kickstarter
The Atlas base : The ultimate dropper bottle organiser ! Improve your organisation and workspace ! Store and withdraw your paints by themes or colours ! 139 €8,228.00 (823%) 2022-07-22 Kickstarter
Spicify - A super fun game to go beyond your limits A hot card game for couples and groups of friends that will take you on a journey discovering each other as you never imagined 168 €3,659.00 (183%) 2022-07-22 Kickstarter
SOLAR20 - Jumbo D20 Resin Dice Inspired by Our Solar System Hold the vastness of the galaxy in your hand and explore the solar system every game night with this captivating dice. 134 A$5,209.32 (137%) 2022-07-22 Kickstarter
Darknet Filth A CY_BORG Supplement Explore the CY_BORG {NET}. Risk permanent brain damage. //VIRUS DETECTED 314 €5,260.00 (351%) 2022-07-23 Kickstarter
Wyrdwich Council: A New Way To Play D&D 5e Adventures In Eldritch Local Government. 146 £2,512.00 (5024%) 2022-07-23 Kickstarter

New This Week

Name Description Backers Pledged Ends Platform BGG
The Game Master Screen by Wyrmwood This modular, solid wood screen is packed full of features to make it not just a wall, but a gateway to endless possibilities. 5474 $576,522.00 (5765%) 2022-08-15 Kickstarter
Moon A pick & pass base building game for 1-5 players, from the designer & illustrator of Villagers and Streets. 4203 £207,512.00 (854%) 2022-08-02 Kickstarter BGG
Isle of Trains: All Aboard A small box game with a big engine building experience! For 1-4 players 1683 £44,895.00 (655%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter BGG
Taverns & Dragons 🔥 Taverns & Dragons combines dice placement and worker movement in a family-friendly game for 1-5 players! 🐲 972 €39,867.00 (199%) 2022-08-04 Kickstarter BGG
Monster Hunter International the Miniatures Game An Epic Miniatures Skirmish Game for 2 players! Based on NY Times Best Selling Author Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International! 945 $197,334.00 (395%) 2022-07-30 Kickstarter
The Big Squirm A hard-boiled roleplaying game adventure by Luke Gearing. Play as private investigators above the mean streets of Troika. 825 £43,042.00 (430%) 2022-08-10 Kickstarter
Sunshine City A roll-and-write print-and-play game about upgrading your fossil-fuel-guzzling city into the solar metropolis of the future 808 $8,470.00 (8470%) 2022-08-13 Kickstarter BGG
Hellguard: Curse of Caina A tabletop roleplaying game of infernal fantasy, complete with five single-night adventures and tools to create others. 564 $43,866.50 (88%) 2022-08-03 Kickstarter
Deluxe Hanafuda Deck & The 100 Torii: Diverging Paths Discover Hanafuda cards and learn Koi-Koi with this enchanting edition. Plus, find new paths in our expansion to The One Hundred Torii! 559 $28,406.00 (178%) 2022-07-26 Kickstarter
Hijacked A thrilling eco friendly board game set in the year 2050 that lets you negotiate with hijackers and save passengers! 434 €19,390.00 (194%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter BGG
Whisper & Venom: Dark Fantasy Adventure for 5e and OSE Otherworldly energy seeped into the distant Whisper Vale. Unseen, it channeled an unknown force and broke the barrier between worlds. 430 $29,873.00 (373%) 2022-08-13 Kickstarter
League of the Lexicon A beautifully original quiz game about words and language... made for word-lovers and quiz nuts. 411 £29,603.00 (423%) 2022-08-04 Kickstarter
Dead Throne Second Edition An open world experience filled with adventures. 350 £23,139.00 (66%) 2022-08-10 Kickstarter
Arcane Anomalies: An Artisan Dice Collection Luxury Dice Sets by Modern Artifice featuring Metal, Resin, Hollow, and Hybrid Dice in a variety of styles. 347 $25,035.00 (501%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter
Weird Little Elf - A stocking stuffer family party game It’s beginning to look a lot like weirdness! A little bitty party game that’s a little bit weird. 300 $9,288.00 (310%) 2022-08-12 Kickstarter
Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest Bag of Dungeon 2: The Cursed Forest is a standalone fantasy adventure game for 1 to 4 players and epic expansion for Bag of Dungeon 285 £10,986.00 (110%) 2022-08-14 Kickstarter BGG
Tales from the Smoking Wyrm issue 5 Once more unto the DCC RPG awesome-sauce breech! 245 $10,595.00 (353%) 2022-08-02 Kickstarter
Til Death Do Us Part: Adventures With Heart For 5E Four 5E adventures guaranteed to tug at your players' heart strings plus 17 other 5E booklets! 242 £6,595.00 (1319%) 2022-08-05 Kickstarter
Divine Dungeon the Game A "Take That" board game with 2-5 players. Play the dungeon & the adventurer against friends. Based on the "Divine Dungeon" book series 235 $11,714.00 (117%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter
When the Wolf Comes RPG An RPG set in the Doom of Ragnarök, utilizing Robert J. Schwalb's Shadow of the Demon Lord rules and based in Ian Sharpe's Vikingverse. 185 CA$15,628.29 (174%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter
Mantle of the Keeper The Keeper has Fallen, and you have been Chosen. Take up the Mantle in this 2-4 player card-driven skirmish game. 177 $12,824.00 (73%) 2022-08-07 Kickstarter BGG
JOYO: An Out-of-this-World Smart Board Game Experience AI Technology 6 Games in 1 Fast and Fun Gameplay|Strategy Games|Family Fun Party Games Coding Kit|Screen-off Time 153 $14,804.00 (370%) 2022-08-16 Kickstarter
Planting Evidence Planting Evidence is a card game for 2-4 players. Framing someone for murder has never been so much fun! 134 CA$4,976.29 (124%) 2022-08-03 Kickstarter
Theory of Magic Sourcebook The first step in exploring the magic of fifth edition through a scientific lens 134 £2,465.69 (493%) 2022-08-14 Kickstarter
Dalor's Guide To Devils & Demons A tome of fiendish design filled with Devils and Demons for your favorite TTRPGs! 119 A$2,893.32 (289%) 2022-08-02 Kickstarter
A Guide to Guilds For D&D 5E A Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition supplement for building guilds. 112 £1,120.00 (56%) 2022-08-12 Kickstarter
Brothers at War Four, quick-playing games in one box covering battles from 1862: Antietam, South Mountain, Mill Springs, and Bloody Valverde. 77 $8,527.00 (341%) 2022-07-25 Kickstarter
Amphibious Assault 28/32mm scale 3D printable tank for tabletop wargaming and RPGs. 66 $651.00 (217%) 2022-07-27 Kickstarter
Tales and Poetry of Sarkash A Mörk Borg Supplement Explore the woods of Sarkash in the brutal ttrpg: Mork Borg 60 $1,206.00 (181%) 2022-07-29 Kickstarter
Roots of Revenge: The Fatal Forest A 3D-printable supernatural forest tabletop gaming terrain set that will delight makers, players, and painters. 54 $3,899.00 (78%) 2022-08-11 Kickstarter
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An Outcast In Another World (Subtitle: Is 'Insanity' A Racial Trait?) [Fantasy, LitRPG] - Chapter 164 (Book 4 Chapter 41)

Yup, Rob mused. I definitely prefer it when I'm the one turning people's lives upside-down.
Silence, thick and heavy, blanketed the room. Rob – along with Diplomacy and Elder Alessia – stared at the High Soulseer in abject shock, all of them lost for words. The reality of the moment pressed upon them, making itself known, suffocating the tenets of reason and common sense.
"...Um," Rob eventually managed to say. "You...caused the Cataclysm?"
"In a circuitous fashion," the Soulseer answered, sounding incredibly tired. "It was not our intention, not even an outcome we remotely considered as a possibility – and yet, it happened all the same."
"How?" Elder Alessia choked out. She appeared on the verge of mania, only held back by her mind undergoing an emergency reboot. Diplomacy said nothing, simply observing the Soulseer with calculating eyes.
Rob, on the other hand, was still trying to bridge the gap between where the conversation had been and where it was now. I just wanted to send a letter to Jason and my parents, he thought*,* a nervous chuckle dying in his throat.
"To fully explain what transpired," the High Soulseer started, "I must begin eight years ago, when the great war against Human territory was drawing to its close. At that time, the Scouring was driving Humanity to the brink of ruin. Any hope they'd possessed of reversing the tides of war had been stifled by the Dragon Queen's Awakening. In their desperation, and bereft of any real alternatives, they turned to the one race that had refrained from indulging in wanton bloodshed."
"Fiends," Alessia whispered, her voice wavering.
A memory sprung from the corner of Rob's mind. At one point in Stonewarden Grant's ravings, he'd made a claim that got lost amongst the shuffle of betrayals and nuclear warfare threats. "Project Socius was the Humans' final resort," the Stonewarden had explained. "One born out of pure desperation. They intended to contact the Fiends and request assistance in some manner. As far as I am aware, they succeeded."
Grant's expression hardened. "Weeks later, the Cataclysm tore Elatra asunder."
"Communicating with the Humans was nigh-impossible," the High Soulseer continued. "Initially, we couldn't even discern what they were attempting to accomplish. It was the first time in centuries that they'd approached Fiend territory with weapons sheathed. Once it became apparent that they truly desired an accord, we tried and failed to learn each other's languages, before inevitably resorting to basic pantomime."
He scowled. "That too was largely ineffective. I suspect there is a fundamental flaw in Fiendish biology which impedes all types of communication with other races. It was only through repeated trial and error that we barely managed to ascertain the Humans' objective. Put simply; they desired assistance. Anything and everything that Fiend territory could give."
The Soulseer's voice slurred, as if his mind was in another place. "What were we thinking, I wonder?" he mumbled. "Rejecting the Humans would have been prudent. We owed them less than nothing."
His shoulders slumped. "I suppose...in the end, it was pity. The tragedy they were suffering was something that we'd feared for ourselves since our race's inception. Watching the rest of Elatra band together to extinguish Humanity struck a nerve."
Elder Alessia looked sick to her stomach. When it became apparent that no one had anything to say, the High Soulseer moved on. "Naturally, we were unwilling to commit our armed forces," he said. "Pity only goes so far. In truth, the sole advantage we had to offer was knowledge of our recent developments in teleportation magic. And while they could have theoretically utilized it to gain an edge early in the war, by now, they'd lost too much ground for it to matter."
He tilted his head slightly. "I believe the turning point originated from a passing comment. One frustrated mage mentioned that they wished the Humans would 'just leave'. Then, we imagined: why couldn't they just leave?"
"You gave them dimension magic," Rob blurted out, his head spinning. "Does that mean the Humans didn't actually die?"
"No. They did."
"My story is not yet finished," The High Soulseer stated. "I wish it were, but as you will soon learn, no good deed goes unpunished."
He exhaled, letting out the weight of the past in a long breath. "As mentioned, we developed interdimensional travel alongside teleportation magic. While the latter immediately proved to be valuable, we were honestly unsure of what to do with the former. Dimension magic is outrageously mana-intensive. Even the worlds closest to our own would require an exorbitant amount of mana and effort to send a single person to – who would then be stranded, with no way to return. It was utterly worthless."
"Unless you never desired to return," Alessia interjected. Her voice was marginally stronger than before, but it was still weak, her composure hanging by a thread. "Elatra was lost to the Humans, so their only recourse was to flee."
The High Soulseer grunted in affirmation. "Communicating that notion was a trial in and of itself. Once they'd finally grasped the concept, our mages gave them visual demonstrations of how to perform dimension magic. Comprehending spells is much easier than comprehending languages. The rest was left to the Humans; they would locate a nearby world and transport as many of their kind as possible, salvaging remnants to live on in new lands."
Rob felt a cold chill settle over him. "What went wrong?" he asked, keeping his tone non-accusatory.
"I haven't the faintest idea." The Soulseer reached behind his head and tightened his blindfold. "The Humans we met seemed like reasonable creatures. It was evident that they wanted their brethren to survive. Yet, when it came time for them to cast dimension magic, they twisted its usage in ways we'd never envisioned. Instead of shaping the barrier between worlds, the Humans siphoned it, taking its mana for their own."
He lowered his head. "That combined with using Soul Burn on their entire race was enough to fuel the Cataclysm."
For half a minute, no one spoke a word.
"How many Fiends are aware of this?" Diplomacy asked, curious. "Or did you silence them the way you silenced those who discovered your race's heritage?"
"The Cataclysm silenced most of them for me," the Soulseer darkly muttered. "Our meetings with the Humans were clandestine in nature, privy to no more than thirty people on each side. After rays of destructive light tore Fiend territory asunder, ten remained. Myself, Overseer Nelrith, six mages, and..."
He gestured to his assistants, the two of them completely emotionless, like dolls made of flesh-and-blood. "This is why they embraced the sweet nothingness of Melancholy Resistance. The guilt was too much to bear." His forehead twitched. "On many days, I am tempted to join them."
It wasn't...your fault. The condolence sounded weak even inside Rob's head. Regardless of fault, the Soulseer's actions had directly led to the deaths of millions. If he'd just convinced his associates to walk away, then Elatra would've been spared untold amounts of misery. That wasn't a burden that logic factored into.
"It wasn't your fault," Diplomacy suddenly said, leaning forward, their voice full of fervor. "You couldn't-"
"Stop." The High Soulseer clenched trembling fists. "Not one more word." Eventually, the Soulseer raised his head, seemingly resigned to his self-imposed fate.
"This story of mine has no ending," he proclaimed. "It is, as of now, being written by you and yours. Humanity's betrayal was merely the beginning of a brand new chapter of hardship. When the Humans siphoned mana from the barrier between worlds, they weakened it permanently – and where walls crack, rats slip through. It's no coincidence that the Blight's first appearance in thousands of years occurred shortly after the Cataclysm."
Before another astonished silence could set in, Rob clapped his hands once, surprising everyone. "Alright!" he exclaimed. "Finally, some good news."
"...Auto-Translate must have misinterpreted that statement."
"No, see, I can work with this." Rob took a deep breath to calm himself. "Still wrapping my head around...pretty much everything you said, but yeah. Let's break things down. First, the Humans cast Soul Burn on themselves. Second, they sapped mana away from the barrier between worlds. We don't know why. Third, Cataclysm. Fourth, the Blight creeps into Elatra through the weakened barrier."
A tenuous grin spread across his face. "That means that if we fix the barrier, the Blight won't be able to get in anymore."
"I've researched that option extensively," the High Soulseer immediately replied. "To restore the barrier between worlds, it would require an amount of mana equivalent to what was taken. Unless another race submits to sacrificing their lives with Soul Burn, it cannot be done." He paused. "Two races in total, actually. Human territory was more populous. Perhaps the gods could accomplish such a task, but it is beyond mortal means."
Rob's enthusiasm deflated. While he wasn't sure of what the exact relationship between the gods and the Blight was, if the divine dickheads were willing to restore the barrier, then they would've done so a long time ago. "You sure there's nothing we can do to stop the Blight from getting in?"
{It won't help. They're already here.}
He froze. For once, the static hadn't sounded crazed or manipulative. It was calm, merely stating a fact.
That just creeped Rob out even more.
"If anything," the High Soulseer continued, "this issue is liable to worsen as time passes. Since the Cataclysm, I've examined the barrier every day, in fear of what I might find. Nine days ago, my fears were confirmed: it had weakened yet again. Only slightly, but if the trend persists, then I am unsure of what will transpire."
Nine days, Rob thought. Hmm. Nine days ago was...oh.
When Titan's Fist tore a hole in reality.
"So I've got some good news and some bad news," Rob said, nonchalantly. "Which do you want to hear first?"
The High Soulseer stayed silent, and despite his blindfold, managed to project the appearance of an unamused glare.
"Good news it is!" Rob declared. "So what happened nine days ago was a one-off occurrence. We should be in the clear for now." He grimaced. "The bad news is that it can easily happen again in the future. Dwarfland fucked up."
The Soulseer's face bloomed with horror as Rob explained the gritty details of Titan's Fist. When Rob was finished, the Fiend slammed his fist on the table, leaving a deep crack in its surface. "I've never heard of such an abhorrent creation," he ranted, exhibiting more passion than ever before. "It is far, far worse than what the Humans did. Siphoning the barrier between worlds may have let the Blight in, but breaking the barrier could result in a chain reaction that destabilizes reality, annihilating all of Elatra in a rippling wildfire of entropy."
"I dislike each and every facet of this conversation," Elder Alessia muttered.
"As you should." The High Soulseer snapped his head towards Rob. "How many Dwarves remain that can construct this loathsome abomination?"
"Their scientist team," Rob answered. "Minus the one extremist who got crispy-fried when launching it. So around ten – ooooh hell no." He held up his arms, crossed over his chest, in an 'X' formation. "I know that assassinating people who know too much is kind of your thing, but that's not how my Party operates."
The Soulseer furrowed his brows. "It would be the most expedient solution."
Rob shrugged. "Sorry. Try checking back in after my Leveling High goes up a rank. I might agree with you by then."
Everyone else in the room winced. Even the two assistants display a brief flicker of emotion.
"...Bad joke?"
"In Human territory, it would have branded you as a pariah for years," Alessia remarked. She sat up straight, regaining some measure of composure. "I must ask, Soulseer – how safe is conventional dimension magic when utilized normally? By that, I mean excluding Titan's Fist or intentionally weakening the barrier between worlds."
"We would never have gifted it to the Humans if we believed it could cause harm." The Soulseer crumpled inwards, his passion dissipating like wisps of smoke from a dying fire. "Ordinary dimension travel shapes the barrier, allows travelers to pass, then unshapes the barrier, leaving everything as it was before. Like water sifting through a membrane. Had the Humans used it to escape to a new world, then at least some of their race would have survived, and the Blight would have remained an ancient legend."
His lips twisted into a rictus of hatred. "We gave them an escape. We gave them salvation. And they repaid our kindness with ruination. Countless people are dead simply because the Humans let vengeance take hold of their hearts."
Actually, Rob pondered, I don't think that adds up. He recalled another memory – this one of a vision he'd witnessed during his third Locus Attunement. It had shown two Humans in positions of authority discussing what they could do to avert their impending extinction.
"Only one option remains," the Human woman stated, in a tone that brooked no argument. "You know this as well as I do, Reynold. It's high time we implemented Project Socius."
Reynold sank into thought. "Can we?" he muttered. "Will it work? Do we \want* it to work? It goes against all that we know."*
She offered him a sour grin. "All that we know has already been turned on its head. Madness reigns, cities burn, and molten ash falls from the sky. In the face of imminent annihilation, what's one more scrap of insanity added to the pile?"
"Are we to commit sacrilege, then? Immerse ourselves in sin?"
"For our people," the woman stated, resolute. "So that they may yet live."
Reynold hesitated. Slowly, like pushing a rusted lever, his head nodded. "...For our people."
None of that sounded like they were planning to commit global murder-suicide. Rob almost said as much, but after glancing at the looks on Alessia's and the Soulseer's faces, he decided to keep his mouth shut. Their emotions were riding high; anything he said to the contrary was going to come across as making excuses for his 'fellow Humans'.
Maybe he'd bring up the topic later, but for now, it didn't really matter. The reason behind the Cataclysm was less important than the mechanisms that made it possible. "Hear me out on this," he began, in a careful tone. "What if we used the dimension barrier weakening to our advantage?"
The High Soulseer glared at him like he'd suggested sacrificing a puppy. From beside Rob, Diplomacy snickered. "There were better ways to lead into that," they advised.
I'd like to see you do better, Rob grumbled internally. He made sure to keep it internal, because that would have been a very stupid challenge to make versus the person literally named Diplomacy. "All I'm saying is that we shouldn't get caught up in the sunk cost fallacy," he argued. "The barrier has weakened, and it can't be un-weakened, so when life gives you lemons, something, something."
Diplomacy raised an eyebrow. "I'm putting you on the schedule for Negotiating 101. Daily one-hour lessons, taught by me."
"That's for the best." Rob turned towards the High Soulseer. "You said that normal dimension magic is harmless but difficult, right? Have you tested it since the barrier got weaker?"
The High Soulseer shook his head. "We who survived the Cataclysm swore an oath to restrict dimension magic's proliferation. The knowledge is forbidden, and anyone who so much as hints of its existence shall be sentenced to a quiet death."
All of a sudden, Overseer What's-Her-Name's unbridled panic when they'd cornered her earlier made a lot more sense. "Here's what I'm imagining," Rob said, after jotting down a mental note to apologize to her later. "If it's easier for the Blight to cross between dimensions, then it should be easier for us, too. Interdimensional travel is probably less mana-intensive nowadays than it used to be. I could be wrong, but hey, there's no harm in doing our due diligence."
"And I would rather die than revisit my greatest mistake." The Overseer's voice took on a sharp edge. "Why are you so fixated on this subject? I understand your desire to return home, but the Blight is still jeopardizing Elatra. There is no reason for me to break my vows in order to grant you the opportunity to leave us helpless."
"It's cute that you think you have leverage."
Rob, Alessia, and the Soulseer all turned to look at Diplomacy. The former Skill opened their mouth in faux shock, as if the attention was unexpected. "Hmm? Oh, don't mind me," they remarked. "I merely saw a kitten who thought it was a lion, and the sight was just so amusing."
"Stop bandying words," the Soulseer snapped. "State your intentions clearly."
Diplomacy gave him a serene smile. "Then allow me to paint a picture for you. Imagine, if you would, a bright, sunny afternoon in Acrastor City. The air is crisp with possibility. Families are out for a walk, children laughing gleefully with their parents. Zamult-drawn carriages forge a lazy path through bustling crowds. Shopkeeps are selling wares, performers are making merry – you couldn't have asked for a more perfect day."
Their smile broadened. "Then, out of the shadows, a figure appears. Before anyone notices its presence, it rushes into the center of the busy streets, quick as lightning. An explosion erupts from the end of its dash, sending bodies and torn limbs flying. Screams erupt just as loudly, the crowds regressing into a stampede, small children trampled underfoot. A zamult-drawn carriage topples over, shattering into pieces as the Figure hacks apart its occupants with a wicked longsword."
The Skill's vocal cadence was captivating, submersing the room into a communal fever dream. "Three nearby Combat Class users move to intercept," they said. "Two are cut down in seconds, yet the third lands a thrust directly to the Figure's heart – which promptly goes ignored. Fiend after Fiend is slain, civilians and soldiers alike, rivers of blood left in the Figure's wake. Its wounds increment slowly, each sliver bought and paid for with a Combat Class user's life. Eventually, just when it seems that it might succumb, the Figure's wounds heals in a flash of demoralizing mana, its rampage beginning anew."
Diplomacy looked at each person in turn, keeping them trapped in the moment. "Time passes. The slaughter continues unabated. A veritable army arrives as reinforcements – and finally, the Figure disappears as if it were never there, leaving scattered survivors to pick up the pieces. Those who were lucky enough to make it through struggle with horrible guilt, although others tell them to forgive themselves. An attack from the Figure, after all, is no more preventable than a natural disaster. The best they can do is hope it doesn't come for them next. Some call it the Fiends' Penance, others call it the Avenging Beast, and some even dare to call it by its original, forsworn name: Rob."
Dead silence.
"Diplomacy, what the fuck?!" Rob yelled.
"Ah, my apologies. I forgot your apprehension towards killing civilians." They raised a single clawed finger. "Let me paint a different picture, then. The Fiends have entered into a viscous war. One day, on the opposing side of a battlefield, they spy a figure that strikes terror into their-"
"THAT'S NOT BETTER!" Rob forced himself to relax, his hands shaking. "Why would you...why say any of that?!"
"Because I fail to understand why the High Soulseer isn't begging on his hands and knees for your assistance." Diplomacy glanced at the Fiend as if he was a pile of refuse. "Something like researching interdimensional travel so you can send a letter home is the bare minimum of what he should offer. Does this sack of wrinkles have any remote concept of how grateful he should be for your backing, every second of every day?"
Diplomacy sneered. "Even putting aside Purge Corruption, you've given the Fiends an unstoppable ally, Rob. You aren't strictly invincible, but with your durability combined with Waymark, the number of things that can realistically kill you can be counted on one hand. Any war of attrition would be won by whichever race has you on their side."
Rob resisted the urge to punch Diplomacy in the face. "I have never, not once, in my life, used those things as blackmail." His voice rose with every word, teetering on the edge of fury. "I don't want to kill people. I don't want to be a war hero or a natural disaster. It's enough for people to say they're grateful and let me go chill in a corner with my friends! Hell, even if they weren't grateful, I'd still help anyway, because watching people die ruins my FUCKING sleep!"
"I know." Diplomacy jerked their thumb towards the High Soulseer. "But did he know, truly, until ten seconds ago?"
Rob looked at the Soulseer's expression, a mixture of horrified contemplation, and realized what the situation truly was. Good cop, bad cop, he thought. Diplomacy presents the worst-case scenario of me betraying the Fiends. I act outraged, because I was. High Soulseer gets to see my genuine emotions...
He clenched his teeth. Yeah, no. Not a fan.
"Your colorful descriptions of the deaths of my people were unnecessary," the High Soulseer eventually said, sounding more than a little irate. "Nonetheless, I...owe an apology to Rob. Some part of me may always find it difficult to trust Humans, but that is no excuse. You've been a true ally from the very start, and I should not have dismissed your request out of hand."
Diplomacy's self-satisfied smirk was the last straw.
Message Started Between Party Members: Rob, Diplomacy Rob: Don't do that again. Diplomacy: We would've been here for an hour, otherwise. His issues are deeply rooted in- Rob: Don't. Do. That. Again. Rob: I still have nightmares about all the people I killed in Dhalerune. Rob: I'll probably have them for the rest of my life. Rob: And you're smart enough to remember that. So next time you feel like propping me up as some unstoppable killing machine in order to make a point, just... Rob: Don't.
Diplomacy froze. Rob turned away from them, not wanting to see whatever expression would end up on their face. "We don't have to go crazy with dimension magic right away," he assured the High Soulseer. "Baby steps, first. Just testing to see how mana-intensive it is, and how big of a portal we can make." He put on a strained grin. "If it helps, I'm a dogshit mage, so I wouldn't be able to copy it no matter how hard I tried."
The Soulseer paused, then looked to Elder Alessia. "Aren't you wary of reviving the magic that brought devastation to Elatra?"
"We need it," she stated, with unflinching resolve. "If there's a risk, it's worth it."
"You'd be entrusting your ambition to monsters," the Fiend reminded. "Rob told me before that, despite my race's ancestry, he still views us as people. What of you? Does it not make you wary of cooperating with us?"
At that, Alessia merely laughed. "If you'd asked me a year ago, I might have answered differently," she admitted. "Then your people gave mine safe haven after true monsters destroyed our home. Whatever sort of creature you believe yourself to be, I can assure you that Fiends are no more or less aggravating than any Elf I've met."
She pointed to Rob. "His Party heard the Stonewarden's proclamation as well, and they welcomed their Fiend companion with open arms. Last I saw, she was as confident in herself as ever. I cannot attest to how accepting the average person would be, but among us, you shall receive no scorn."
"...Remarkable." It was one word, yet it carried the weight of a hundred. Slowly, the High Soulseer nodded, some life sparking back into his countenance. "The dimension mages swore their own vows. I won't force them to comply with your request; to do so would be an insult to the burden we bear."
His resolve strengthened like tempered steel. "However, I will explain the situation and persuade them as best I can. This, I promise you."
That's basically a done deal. Rob did a victory dance inside his head as he thanked the Soulseer with a calm, gracious manner. This was one scenario where Elatra being such a hierarchical society worked in their favor. Vows or no vows, if someone as respected as the High Soulseer asked the mages to start researching interdimensional travel again, then they'd relent.
The fact that he actually seems motivated now won't hurt, either. Rob distinctly remembered what the High Soulseer had been like when they first met. Back then, the aged Fiend was like a shambling corpse animated via regrets and inertia. Now, after having his ancestral origins accepted by multiple people, and being given a chance to use his greatest failure for positive means, the Soulseer appeared optimistic. Mildly optimistic, sure, but that was still an enormous improvement from before.
He'd be helping them kill the gods in no time.
It wouldn't take much of a push, really. The High Soulseer already considered his race's existence to be a cruel joke. Rob doubted that it'd be tough to convince him that the Fiend god Argath was an asshole. From there, Riardin's Rangers would drop hints about how many of Elatra's problems stemmed wholly from the gods' malevolence, gradually converting the Soulseer to their holy church of deicide. Once he was fully on board, he'd convince his dimension mages to aim their sights a little higher, and then...
The stage would be set.
Rob's mouth split into a feral smile. I can't fucking wait.


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Themes in Rings of Power: The ship, the light and the deep – and how it all connects to Tolkien

Since the first season of RoP ended, I thought about this show more than I’d like to admit. So I decided to share my thoughts about Finrod’s ship-metaphor based on my knowledge and interpretation of Tolkien’s work.
If you disagree with me or want to add something, please write a comment.
TLDR: Finrod´s ship-metaphor is perfectly crafted to encapsulate many of Tolkien’s most important themes and its presence can be felt all throughout the season connecting the different arcs and stories.
„Do you know why a ship floats and a stone cannot? Because the stone sees only downward. The darkness of the water is vast and irresistible. The ship feels the darkness as well, striving moment by moment to master her and pull her under. But the ship has a secret. For unlike the stone, her gaze is not downward but up. Fixed upon the light that guides her, whispering of grander things than darkness ever knew.“
This metaphor undoubtedly contains most (if not all) of the central themes. They stretch from the first to the last episode and are not only part of Galadriel’s character arc, but can be found in almost all arcs of the show.
Contrary to popular belief, I think this metaphor is in many ways cleverly written and wisely chosen by the producers:
- It makes sense for Galadriel’s brother to come up with such a story in this situation. - It perfectly encapsulates Tolkien’s view of good and evil. - It is a perfect metaphor for Galadriel’s character arc in the first season (and maybe beyond).
Why Finrod chose this metaphor:
At the beginning of the prologue, Galadriel’s paper ship gets destroyed by children throwing rocks at it. They succeed and Galadriel gets angry. She resorts to violence. But before a real fight can start, they get interrupted by Galadriel’s brother:
„Lose your footing again, Galadriel? “
It is obviously not the first time that Galadriel chooses violence and it is easy to assume that her brother wants her to get rid of this character trait.
In the next scene, we hear the actual metaphor. In this moment, Finrod wants to teach his sister about the darkness in her and how to deal with it. By choosing violence, Galadriel gives in to the darker part of herself. Finrod is telling her how the dark side always tries to seek control over one’s mind and that it needs constant effort to resist it. Since Finrod is an elve, he conveys this message using a metaphor and since Galadriel is still young, he builds this metaphor out of things she can relate to and that fit the situation: light, rocks, ships and water.
So in a sense, these first few scenes in Valinor are a smaller version of Galadriel’s arc in this season: Something gets taken from her, she reacts by fighting violence with violence and by doing so, she forgets herself and the good inside her (she loses her footing) until her brother (or his advice) brings her to reason. For me, it is interesting how Galadriel spends most of the eight episodes doing exactly what her brother discouraged her from doing. But I guess this is what trauma and loss can do to someone. Maybe this has led to her falling back into old behaviour patterns and has to learn to recover the wisdom she once had. She could possibly even surpass her old self in future seasons.
How does this metaphor fit into Tolkien’s vision?
Here I want to insert a quote from the author himself:
„I do not think that at any rate any ‘rational being’ is wholly evil. Satan fell. In my myth Morgoth fell before Creation of the physical world. “
The way I understand this is that there is no character in Tolkien’s legendarium that is totally evil and has not at least a tiny fraction of something good (or the ability to do good) in it. In this case, it is fair to assume that there is also no totally good character and that everyone (except Eru of course) has at least the ability to do evil. This is probably the reason why the ring works: It speaks to the evil inside each character and amplifies it.
So an important theme in Tolkien’s work is that good people are good because they manage to resist evil and not because it does not affect them. (Like Galadriel in “Fellowship”: In the scene where Frodo offers her the ring we can clearly see a darker side of her character which she then manages to suppress). This is where the ship metaphor comes into play: Evil pulls both, the ship and the stone, equally strong into the darkness but while the stone gives in, the ship resists by looking up into the light. It resists in every second of its existence, otherwise it would sink. Galadriel needs to fight her inner darkness not once but for her whole life.
This is where another important property of evil comes into play: It is seductive. Galadriel asks her brother:
„But sometimes, the lights shine just as brightly reflected in the water as they do in the sky. How am I to know which lights to follow? “
When the water reflects the light, it’s hard to distinguish between the sky and the deep. The water pretends to be as bright as the sky, evil pretends to be good. This is another fundamental theme in Tolkien’s work: Morgoth who convinces the Valar that he has changed, after they had imprisoned him for three ages; Sauron who appears to the elves in his fair form; the ring which shows Sam the beautiful gardens he could create with its power… Evil is seductive.
Another nice parallel to Tolkien’s themes is that water can only reflect light but not produce it itself. This perfectly fits another aspect of evil (said by Frodo):
„The Shadow [that bred them] can only mock, it cannot make: not real new things of its own. “
In Tolkien’s opinion, evil cannot create, it can only copy, mock and distort what other forces have made. It is easy to imagine that the reflections on a restless surface of water would look somewhat distorted like in mockery of the things it reflects.
Since my first language is German, here is another observation that probably doesn´t mean much but appears to be a funny coincidence: The name Halbrand seems to be a combination of the two German words: Hall and Brand. Hall = echo = the reflection of sound Brand = fire = a source of light Halbrand = the reflection of light
Galadriel asks how to differentiate between the reflection in the water and the light in the sky. Finrod´s answer is quite interesting from a thematic point of view:
„Sometimes we cannot know until we have touched the darkness.“
I am not sure whether or not this is in line with Tolkien’s thinking. I think one can argue in both directions. I have many thoughts on this topic, but this post would be a lot longer if I put them in here as well so maybe I will save this discussion for another post.
I think it is fair to say that this sentence at least fits perfectly with Galadriel’s arc in this season which justifies its existence.
There is yet another topic I want to discuss: faith and hope. In Finrod´s metaphor the ship „feels the darkness as well, striving moment by moment to master her.“ To stay good one has to resist the pull of evil, not once but moment by moment every day of your life. But resisting is hard and at some point, one might question whether the goal justifies all this need for endurance. In this case, people need hope to continue, hope and faith that all the suffering will not be for nothing, that it is all part of a plan. This theme is brought up twice in the series: when Galadriel and Theo talk in the seventh episode and when Miriel and Elendil talk in the eighth. Finding hope (light, and preferably not reflected light) in dark times or even in seemingly hopeless situations is maybe one of the most prominent themes in Tolkien’s work. He even invented a word for this kind of hope: estel, the faith in the goodness of Eru´s work and that everything will in the end change for the better despite evil or maybe even because of it:
„[…] nor can any alter the music in my despite for he that attempteth shall prove but mine instrument in the devising of things more wonderful which he himself hath not imagined.”
This is something that Galadriel refers to in her talk with Theo.
(It is interesting to note that, while Galadriel, Miriel and Elendil managed to find new hope, Theo did not: „My home is gone. Where is the design in that? “ This might be a hint for a darker character arc for him in the future.)
How does Finrod´s metaphor fit with Galadriel’s character arc?
As I see it, there is not one but two different kinds of darkness Galadriel has to face (or to touch) in the first season: On the one hand, there is the darkness within her, evoked by her war trauma and the grief over the loss of her brother and her husband, leading her on a downward spiral of hate and violence until she has become what she has seeked out to destroy. This downward trend has probably started at Finrod´s death bed and ever since then Galadriel was – using the metaphor – sinking. In this regard, the show’s symbolism seems to be misleading: When Galadriel jumps from the ship at the end of the first episode, you can clearly see light being reflected on the surface and we get the impression that this is the moment where she starts to follow the wrong light when in reality, she has been following it for centuries already.
On the other hand, there is the outer darkness in the form of Sauron which tries to gain control over her by appealing to her darker side. When Galadriel falls from the raft it is Halbrand who saves her from sinking (literally, not thematically). But Halbrand is the wrong light to follow and while Galadriel thinks she is floating following Halbrand, in reality she is still drowning.
Galadriel recognises her inner darkness during the conversation with Adar:
„Perhaps your search for Morgoth's successor should have ended in your own mirror “
For the first time she is confronted with this part of herself, she touched her inner darkness. Already in the next episode we see her giving advice she herself could have needed just a view hours ago. She obviously noticed her mistake and tries to do better.
(I think there is also a lot to say about mirrors since they also reflect light but are often used as a symbol for self-reflection which usually leads to growth. Maybe I will also make a separate post about this topic one day.)
Galadriel confronts the second darkness in the eighth episode, a darkness she helped to gain power because of her blindness caused by her own darkness. Sauron tries to seduce her by promising her power, something she strives for (as we already know from her reaction to Frodo offering her the ring). But Galadriel resists and maybe for the first time in a millennium she can see the real light again and only then she recognises that she has been sinking the whole time. I think it is no coincidence that at the end of Sauron´s mind tricks she finds herself drowning, first in the ocean as part of Sauron´s visions but also in the real world.
“Galadriel you´re wet like a river rock.”
These words by Celebrimbor are of course another echo of the stone metaphor.
I think it’s sweet that the light which helps her out of the river is Elrond, her friend. This might signal a possible direction for character growth where Galadriel learns to trust and rely on her friends since Galadriel saw herself as a loner and/or isolated for a long time.
Elrond is drowning??
In the seventh episode, Durin IV discusses the topic of helping Elrond with his father:
„My friend is drowning, reaching for me to pull him to shore “
I always found it strange that a dwarf which usually uses metaphors connected to stone, compares Elrond´s situation to drowning. I think this might be intentional to draw a connection between Elrond´s (and all elves) problem of fading to Finrod´s metaphor since the only thing that can help the elves is light (the light in Mithril which originates from a Silmaril).
The sea is not right!
Another possible Echo can be found in Numenors philosophy. When the first settlers arrived there, they were guided by the stars. These people who were faithful to the Valar and the elves looked up at the sky, followed its light and were rewarded with an island. Thousands of years later when Galadriel arrives in Numenor, its people had rejected the old ways. Now they look at the sea for guidance.
“The sea is always right!”
In the first season, the people of Numenor are sinking figuratively but of course in the end the island will mimic the rock from the metaphor more literally.
Only a few will survive, among them people like Elendil who still loves the stars.
I am good!
In most of the episodes, the Istar (I refuse to believe that he is Gandalf) seems to be full of self-doubt. He doesn’t know who he wants to be and what his place in this world is. I think it is interesting that the Istar only realises that he is good after the three mystics tried to convince him that he is not. For me, it looks like the wizard accepts the fact that he is evil (at least for a moment) maybe because it finally gives him a purpose and a place in this world. He even seems to enjoy the new powers he now apparently possesses. He has touched the darkness and, in the end, rejects it, just as Galadriel did.
Thank you to all who read to the very end of this post. I am sorry that it turned out so long but once I started I just couldn´t stop writing (despite the fact that some things in this text were already pointed out elsewhere on this subreddit).
Again, all of this is my interpretation of the series based on my interpretation of Tolkien’s work. If someone disagrees with me or wants to add something, I would love to read your comments.
submitted by WTFwsieUzf to LOTR_on_Prime [link] [comments]

Below the intersection of two rivers in Arizona's Superstition Mountains lies buried a Roman treasure ship with artifacts proving alien presence in Atlantis. Visible on ground-penetrating radar.

Below the intersection of two rivers in Arizona's Superstition Mountains lies buried a Roman treasure ship with artifacts proving alien presence in Atlantis. Visible on ground-penetrating radar.

Table of Contents

  1. Calalus colony
  2. Brazilian anomaly
  3. Romans in 700s AD!?
    1. Illuminati jargon
    2. Desperate diaspora
  4. Transpacific crossing
    1. Secret circumnavigation
    2. Arizona's rivers
  5. Coverup and Quarantine
  6. Sitchin's hybrids
  7. The Ship
  8. Dead men tell no tales
Links removed to avoid Reddit autocensor.

Calalus colony

Over the last 17 years, Anonymous posts on forums about the Superstition Mountains of Arizona have been hinting at the existence of a Roman colony: Calalus, the unknown land.
Wikipedia decries the Tucson Artifacts as a hoax; however they match other local archaeological evidence. The Tucson localwiki offers some of the inscription text, which matches the story told by the anonymous posters: That the Tucson Artifacts were cast in lead and inscribed as a memorial by those fleeing the downfall of Calalus. Those whose world is ending wish to remember, and to be remembered. This emotion is vividly present in the inscriptions, whose shape is a memorial of their faith and deeds.

Tucson Artifact lead crosses
The site is allegedly a gold mine that has been exploited by multiple civilizations, including Atlantis, the island that sunk in the middle of the Atlantic. You may recall Sitchin saying humans were genetically engineered to mine gold for the "sky gods". That's not exactly right, but there's a reason gold is always money. This explains why both the Atlanteans and the Roman Illuminati were willing to travel to the ends of the Earth for a useless soft metal. It can be traded for some very nice ET toys. Interstellar anthropologist Yajweh has details.
By 790 AD, the Romans established a colony in Arizona to mine gold deposits originally discovered by Atlanteans. An Atlantean complex under the Coronado mesa contains a library that will rewrite history, carved in copper and gold plates. The map room shows the poles free of ice. The missing sections of Plato's Critias describe this library and the route to it, which the Romans followed to rediscover it. The location was a state secret.
In 900 AD, an Indian slave revolt destroyed the Roman colony. The Romans scuttled their treasure ship in the Salt River at its intersection with Fish Creek, to deny the enemy powerful Atlantean artifacts in its hold. Such artifacts cannot be safely forgotten, so the Watchers have guarded the location ever since… until now. It is visible on ground-penetrating radar, buried in sedimentary rock 15 feet below the river bottom, and accessible via cave.

Brazilian anomaly

Those who find it incredible that a Roman ship could navigate to Arizona should consider whether the discovery of a similar Roman ship in Brazil was suppressed:
  • The Mysterious Ancient Underwater Roman Relics of Brazil | Mysterious Universe
  • The Mysterious Bay of Jars Explained | Grunge
If the Brazilian government is telling the truth, why ban further underwater exploration of the bay? Why not have local government-approved salvage divers recover any gold aboard? If certain secretive Romans achieved transoceanic travel well before the Age of Discovery, would that suggest the existence of an esoteric group that retained knowledge older than the official history of human civilization? Why are there pyramids all around the world? How would a global prehistoric civilization maintain contact between its far-flung outposts? Using modern knowledge, it is possible to cross the Atlantic in a kayak.
Why he kayaked across the Atlantic at 70 (for the third time) | NYT Mag

Romans in 700s AD!?

Illuminati jargon

When Illuminati leakers say "Rome", they mean their understanding of Rome, not ours.
Illuminati leakers tend to speak publicly in an allusive, anonymous, ephemeral and cryptic manner. For example, Russia is often referred to as the "3rd Rome". It is annoying, but not as annoying as the consequences they face if they don't.
By Illuminati, I mean bloodlines with esoteric gnosis and psychic abilities: illumined ones. Rome certainly had them; that's why Rome ruled. Expressions such as "the Third Rome" emphasize their continuity of rule, albeit not by the same families. Illuminati is a category of person, not an organization.
The Sasquatch Message to Humanity by Sunbow gives the most complete account of the varied origins of the Illuminati or ruling hybrid bloodlines. The Farsight Institute remote viewing of the crucifixion corroborates that Pilate was psychic. Ibanian interstellar anthropologist Yajweh discusses the Roman Illuminati tangentially on Soundcloud.

Desperate diaspora

The Roman colony of Calalus existed in Arizona by 790 to about 900 AD.
Due to Muslim expansion in the 600s AD, Byzantium lost her route to India via the Red Sea. In the 700s, Byzantium lost most of her territory in Italy, keeping only a foothold in the south.
  • The History of Byzantium 395-1453 YouTube
  • Byzantine Empire | Wikipedia
  • Indo-Roman trade relations | Wikipedia
As the remnants of the Roman Empire were squeezed on land between stronger powers, she resorted to extreme long-distance colonization, a desperate gambit resembling the esoteric efforts of the doomed 3rd Reich.
Calalus was founded in the 700s, and the earliest date on the Tucson Artifacts is 790. Charlemagne crossed the Alps in 773, prompting Adelchis to flee to Constantinople and plead for assistance.
Perhaps Roman Illuminati bluebloods were driven by Charlemagne's conquests in Italy to escape to the New World. The date of the "collapse" of the Western Roman Empire is debatable and mostly academic. Those who rule behind the scenes may have remained in power. However, Charlemagne's alliance with the pope altered the balance of power between competing Illuminati bloodlines, making the Roman Illuminati desperate enough to try a longshot.
Thus the Calalus colonists were likely Roman refugees from Charlemagne and Jewish-Christian refugees from Muslim conquest, seeking the New World using Atlantean maps found in the library of Constantinople, outfitted by and allied with besieged Byzantium.
The Imperial Library of Constantinople, in the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, was the last of the great libraries of the ancient world. Long after the destruction of the Great Library of Alexandria and the other ancient libraries, it preserved the knowledge of the ancient Greeks and Romans for almost 1,000 years.1 series of unintentional fires over the years and wartime damage, including the raids of the Fourth Crusade in 1204, impacted the building itself and its contents. While there were many reports of texts surviving into the Ottoman era, no substantive portion of the library has ever been recovered. The library was founded by Constantius II (reigned 337–361 AD), who established a scriptorium so that the surviving works of Greek literature could be copied for preservation. The Emperor Valens in 372 employed four Greek and three Latin scribes. The majority of Greek classics known today are known through Byzantine copies originating from the Imperial Library of Constantinople.
Imperial Library of Constantinople | Wikipedia
Shipping gold from Arizona to the Mediterranean is insane in 800 AD. But adopting a maritime existence with Arizona as the new base is relatively reasonable. The gold can be traded for manufactured goods from China or India to supply the colony.
More importantly, knowledge is power. The colonists were seeking the lost Atlantean library as much as the adjacent gold mine. Had they relied less on slave labor, a new Rome might've arisen in North America centuries before Columbus set sail, and ruled the world instead of the British Empire.

Transpacific crossing

Secret circumnavigation

From Find The Ship:
And how did the Romans get here? Their ships sailed from Rome east not west, around India and into the Pacific Ocean.
The colonists of Calalus went around Africa to reach Arizona, an incredible feat. Then again, they had maps whereas the later Age of Sail discoverers did not. The tricky part of deep-ocean sailing is not leaving land, but finding it again.
700 years later, Europeans would again circumnavigate the Cape of Good Hope in response to the Ottoman Empire cutting off trade through the Red Sea to India. Vasco de Gama officially established the sea route to India in 1498.
The compass was important to the 15th century Age of Discovery, and one suspects that the compass was one of the secret technologies by which the Roman Illuminati cemented their lengthy rule. Knowledge of the Earth's magnetic field sounds like something they would preserve in their esoteric traditions.
Europeans officially discovered the Americas by crossing the Atlantic, but the Pacific crossing is easier. There are multiple routes, depending on the season. Knowing the prevailing winds and general geography makes the vast emptiness of the Pacific much less forbidding.
  • Expert advice: How to sail across the Pacific Ocean | YachtingWorld
  • Pacific Passage Planning | Cruising World
Why not take the Atlantic route instead? Maybe they did that too. However, Cape Horn is much more dangerous than the Cape of Good Hope. The Atlantic ocean is generally more dangerous than the Pacific, despite being smaller.
  • Sailing across the Atlantic - a classic blue water voyage | CrewSeekers
  • How to sail across the Atlantic and back | Yachting Monthly
  • Is the Atlantic or the Pacific More Dangerous? | Catamaran Freedom
The colonists initially wished to reach Arizona. Thus the Pacific was the safest route, since they could use the Polynesians to launch themselves at the unmissable Americas. The return voyage to Europe is not as simple, but anonymous sources claim they did it, somehow
“The ship was constructed in Arizona, a standard vessel of the time, wooden with improvements inspired by discoveries made in the range, with Roman symbols that was capable of sailing around the world. And it did several times.” (Thedawnishere, July 2022)
The treasure ship was built with Atlantean improvements, possibly making it the equal of ships used during the Age of Discovery. The original Roman/Byzantine ships that the colonists arrived in were probably not capable of circumnavigating the globe.

Arizona's rivers

Those familiar with Arizona's rivers today find it incredible that Roman ships could navigate them. Much can change in 1,200 years. For example, Europe experienced a major climate shift recently:
The Medieval Warm Period (MWP), also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum or the Medieval Climatic Anomaly, was a time of warm climate in the North Atlantic region that lasted from c. 950 to c. 1250.
[Medieval Warm Period | Wikipedia
From Find The Ship:
In ancient times Calalus was much wetter than it is today–ships could make their way from the Salt River to very near Oz (Eldorado, Dec 2007). The whole area served as a transportation hub for Calalus colonists in their extensive mining operations. Ships plied the Salt River a great deal further east and west from Calalus, even to the Pacific.
Before irrigation drained them, Arizona's rivers were considerably more navigable:
From Wikipedia:
The next contractors George Alonzo Johnson with his partner Benjamin M. Hartshorne, brought two barges and 250 tons of supplies arriving at the river's mouth in February 1852, on the United States transport schooner Sierra Nevada under Captain Wilcox. Poling the barges up the Colorado, the first barge sank with its cargo a total loss. The second was finally, after a long struggle poled up to Fort Yuma, but what little it carried was soon consumed by the garrison.
Colorado River | Wikipedia
The Gila River and its main tributary, the Salt River, were both perennial streams carrying large volumes of water – the Gila was once navigable by large riverboats from its mouth to near Phoenix, and by smaller craft from Phoenix nearly to the Arizona-New Mexico border
Gila River | Wikipedia
From AmericanRivers.org:
Few people realize that the Gila is one of the longest rivers in the West. That’s because it’s typically drained dry before getting halfway through its 500-mile voyage west to the Colorado River near Yuma, AZ. Once navigable by large riverboats from its mouth to Phoenix, the Gila below Phoenix today crosses the Gila River Indian Reservation as an intermittent trickle due to large irrigation diversions.

Coverup and Quarantine

The coverup of civilizations predating man's official history by institutions such as the Smithsonian and Harvard is an ongoing policy of large-skulled elite bloodlines who retained their culture from prior Ages of Man, using their gnosis to rule from the shadows. Remnants of their technology too large to hide, such as the Great Pyramids, we assume to be merely recent monuments to folly instead of powerful artifacts beyond our current comprehension.
Illuminati are characterized by psychic ability, esoteric secret knowledge, and Legally restricted ability to interfere with human free will. Asimov explores the idea of such an elite in the sci-fi novel the Second Foundation. Due to Illuminati influence, many "debunked hoaxes" are anything but. Anakim-sized giants with six fingers and double-rows of teeth are just one example. A number of supposedly-mythical races inhabit ancient lithosphere caverns which humans are forbidden to explore. Human exploration of Antarctica and the Moon are limited for similar reasons.
Earth has been Quarantined for most of humanity's written history, due to genetic engineering abuses culminating in a war between aliens involving WMDs that is documented in the Mahabharata. These Divinely-ordained Legal restrictions on direct external contact with humans force alien influence campaigns to go underground. One way of doing so is by superficially concealing them as hoaxes, for no apparent rational motive. The goal is to reach receptive people without forcing a revolution in humanity's beliefs. This sounds strange from our materialistic perspective, but aliens know that soul evolution is both the purpose of life and a great source source of practical power. The military applications of instantaneous telepathic communication are obvious, for example. Whereas we consider our ignorance a curse, it is actually a carefully-contrived blessing. Do you learn more by being told the answer, or by figuring it out for yourself? The Cosmos is constructed to minimize conflict and permit a diversity of paths to the Divine.
Like the Roman ship off Brazil, Calalus has been warded, obfuscated and guarded until now, on the eve of WW3, the death of one America providing hope for another. Public proof of alien involvement on Earth opens the door to First Contact without violating the Prime Directive. This alien peacemaking priority has been evidenced by decades of reports of heavy UFO activity around reactors and nuclear weapons.
Medvedev made the announcement of alien presence on behalf of the Russian government. However, the US government does not want Disclosure, fearing collapse will ensue: religious, financial, and military morale.
We have laws protecting indigenous tribes from unwanted contact. So do aliens. If Americans want Open First Contact, they will have to dig up the ship themselves. The Atlantian artifacts therein are from a time when aliens and humans lived together.
The confluence of Pseudo-Christian mythology with occultism and UFO/Alien stuff always yields that strangest and most morbidly fascinating reading material. I do wish people would have a more skeptical mind though.
I do not recommend taking religious guidance from anonymous strangers involved in vast conspiracies. Consider that the sources may simply be forbidden to tell the Truth about such matters, and are forced to invent appealing fictions instead.

Sitchin's hybrids

As for Sitchin and the alien hybridization theory, if you think modern genetic science is good at detecting hybridization events, ask yourself whether you believe the official explanation of the duckbilled platypus. Eugene McCarthy's Hybrid Stabilization Theory corrects mainstream evolution by recognizing that ancestry is a web, not a tree. Animals have cross-species sex and occasionally the offspring are interfertile with one parent species.
Given modern science doesn't even correctly classify animal descent, it is certainly wrong about the origin of the elongated skulls of Paracas and Egypt (and elsewhere), with their superhuman brain volume, which cannot be induced by head binding. Institutional suppression of inconvenient narratives by large-skulled ultra-wealthy Illuminati bloodlines adequately explains the failure to account for facts.
Humans have evolved much faster than comparable species. Our tremendous ethnic diversity is substantially due to hybridization programs by numerous alien races. Thus there is no chance of singling out any one group as having "alien DNA", unless it is a recent hybrid, in which case the person will probably look visibly non-human. For example, the Neanderthals were related to Sasquatch, an interdimensional "alien".
"Human" is a common galactic genus of which we are merely a recent offshoot, so there are aliens who look quite human to casual inspection while being genetically extra-terrestrial. In other words, Earth humans were originally hybridized from Earth hominids and ET humans. The term for this sort of galactic genus propagation is "starseeding". The term for Earth humans is "Jahku".
Some will try to demoralize Jahku with dark origin stories about how Jahku are nothing but cattle or an experiment by cruel masters. The truth is that we are the legitimate heirs of Earth, which is why we currently enjoy a Protected legal status. It is true we are a bit down on our luck and morally bankrupt at the moment, but we are born for greatness. If you ever feel depressed about human potential, just read The Sasquatch Message. They wouldn't be fighting over us so hard if we didn't matter.
One of the perks of being a child of Earth is admission to the local afterlife. Do you believe in Heaven? Seeing is believing. In the Spirit Spheres, what you believe determines what you see. There is an afterlife for every faith, created by faith. Sounds nice, right? Now you understand why aliens want to hybridize with us. Mother Earth is special.

The Ship

The world's greatest treasure ship sits in a sandbar under 1,000 years of silt, at the intersection of the Salt River and Fish Creek, where it was scuttled to deny victorious Indians access to its powerful Atlantean artifacts.
Some of its contents have already been looted, but they could not remove the wooden frame without risking public exposure. What remains is more than enough.
An underwater excavation would be difficult, and this find is time sensitive, what with NATO and Russia nearing direct warfare while China hovers over Taiwan and Iran eyes Israel. So Watchers have allegedly softened an easier excavation path to it from a cave directly beneath the river. Verifying the existence of this cave would be the logical first step. The ship's frame can also be detected via ground penetrating radar.
One problem: "Visible on Ground-penetrating radar". If this is true where are the pictures of the radar scans? Surely that would be enough to get funding for an expedition.
The ship is buried under silt that was once below water. Now it is about 15 feet down in a very public place on the River's edge. Some years ago a group from the University of Arizona found the ship electronically but did not know what it was and moved on (thecave, May 2022).
– Find. The. Ship. | by AlbaAvis and Laweyre
Lots more info at the above link.
Maybe this is the aforementioned university team, or someone newer. I've never seen a Gab thread fail to display its comments like this. I was able to read the thread after commenting in it, but while logged off the thread's comments don't appear. There is one radar image in the thread, but I don't know how to read it.

sandbar radar
Would the University of Arizona have archived the radar images somewhere? Might be worth checking.

Dead men tell no tales

I live in China, so I did not expect this story to touch me personally, but it did. I mentioned Watchers once guarded the secrets of Calalus. After posting the above link to Reddit, I received a dream visit from a phantom nightmare. He was a prospector who stumbled on Calalus 100-200 years ago, I sensed. That is my first undeniably psychic experience. (Undeniable to me.) He's a friend of mine now. I tell the full story here:
A phantom prospector guarding buried treasure gave me an Indiana Jones sleep paralysis nightmare. | Koanic
I am the furthest thing from a prospector, preferring the great indoors, but I suspect this article is another clue:
Reading the Peralta Stone Maps | DesertUSA

Peralta stone crosses and heart
I also found a list of prospectors who died searching for the Lost Dutchman Gold Mine, one of whom could be Smokey Brown (my nickname for the anonymous phantom):
Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine | Wikipedia
  • Adolph Ruth, died 1931 at age 66. Body found after national publicity, likely exhumed to quell interest. Skull showed point-blank long-gun round to the skull. Skull distant from body. Peralta maps stolen. Checkbook claims he found it. AZ government whitewashed obvious murder.
  • Mining electrician J.A. "Tex" Bradford, died 1933. Missing.
  • James A Cravey, photographer, died 1947 at age 62. Presumed murdered. Skull missing.
I believe Smokey Brown to be Adolph Ruth, based on his feeling of antiquity and the quiet pride I feel from him, that he found it. Ruth was a dedicated searcher for lost mines, which fits the Indiana Jones vibe I got from him. Bradford the electrician feels too modern, and Cravey the photographer feels too superficial.
Adolph Ruth was clearly murdered. The primary cover story of suicide is impossible. The secondary cover story is two anonymous greedy prospectors. The source of this cover story is the man who tried to dissuade him from the expedition, Tex Barkely. It is likely Tex knew about the Watchers who guarded the mine. His ranch was ideally positioned to monitor prospectors seeking the mine, and therefore he likely worked for the Watchers in some capacity.
Tex Barkely also led the first unsuccessful search for Ruth's body. I suspect Ruth was not killed where he was found. Otherwise the summer vultures would have made it easy to find Ruth's rotting body. Rather, Ruth was soul trapped and interred underground. Later, his remains were exhumed when national publicity threatened to bring hordes of searchers.
No future skulls were found, with or without bullet holes. I assume they were also shot in the head, but the skulls were interred to prevent everyone from concluding that Ruth was certainly murdered. I don't know how soul-trapping works, but I wouldn't be surprised if it involves decapitation of the corpse as a step in the process. The talking skull trope might have some basis in reality. The head and heart are presumably the body parts most closely connected to one's soul.
Ely's account confirms Ruth found the mine and entered it. The Roman inscription "Veni Vidi Vici" seems to have been written 200 feet across from the mine, corroborating that the mine was Roman. It is an odd phrase for Ruth to use, but an absolutely appropriate one for the Roman founders of Calalus, who conquered the surrounding tribes.
The Wikipedia account diverges substantially from Northcut Ely's, in ways that make Ruth's death less suspicious. I don't know which is correct, so I used Wikipedia's version where they conflict.
Smokey Brown's phantom nightmares may have been a well-intentioned way of dissuading other prospectors from sharing his fate. It is not strange that he found me after I publicized the story on Reddit, since his original job may have been dissuading those attracted to the mine by publicity.
Original version with links here.
submitted by KoanicSoul to AlternativeHistory [link] [comments]

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(Spoilers Extended) Highlights from GRRM event at Random House

(Spoilers Extended) Highlights from GRRM event at Random House
You probably have seen how GRRM said he's at 3/4 of TWOW in the recent A Virtual Celebration of the Targaryen Dynasty event. Here are a few more quotes you might find interesting.
tl;dr: GRRM liked the dragon battle in ep 110 a lot. Baelon's "burst belly" death is caused by appendicitis. Carly Wray / Bryan Cogman had wanted to start the show with Aemma / Viserys dying, GRRM had wanted to start with Aemon & Baelon's friendship and rivalship, ep 101 would then be "The Heir and The Spare". George kind of forgot Gunthor son of Gurn. GRRM would like to explore more about the Dragonknight, Nettles, Rhaenyra & Harwin. He is still writing Bran in TWOW. GRRM always has a soft spot for the Blackwoods, how they managed to keep Old Gods? He's fascinated in the mysterious interesting background of the Daynes too, Dawn is more potent than VS.
Host: (13:07)I know you had seen a rough cut [of HOT D] before, but not the finished version. And I'm wondering how different are those?
GRRM: (13:36) Well, they're considerably different, I mean, I've worked in television film quite a while, so I've seen rough cuts before, the special effects, colored timing, sound adjustment, all of these things make a huge difference. so seeing the Big Dragon battle, that was the highlight of last night's thing. In a rough cut is kind of yeah, not quite the same. It's an amazing sequence they did last night with the storm and the dragons appearing and disappearing in the clouds. And that's the magic of special effects, the magic of cinematography. And it's considerably different. Although my favorite, I saw many of the episodes in a rough cut ahead of time. Do you remember the, I think it was episode three with a king went hunting and he was hunting for a white hart. And they find a hart, which is not actually white. but he deals with that heart. well, in the rough cut, the part of the hart was played by two stuntmen in bright blue costumes. The Blue Man Group, sort of one of 'em was holding the other one around the waist. And you know, the king is stabbing at them with his spear, So the king is hunting the Blue Man group. it was hilarious when you saw it, but of course, by the time it was finished, it was beautiful, realistic looking hart. So you have to get used to, if you work in this business, to know what what a rough cut is and be able to visualize what the final version would be.
Host: (16:22) How do you feel of the episode itself and how it wraps up the first season.
GRRM: (16:25)well of course we've been working this for on a long time, so I knew where we were going, where we would wrap up the season. But yeah, I think it did it very powerfully. And now we just have to do it again for season two. Which is also a challenge cuz everything gets bigger and more characters come into play. And we switched to more locations. I mean, the first season we were pretty much Kings Landing. Dragonstone, Driftmark with the main locations. Occasionally we went to the Step Stones, uh, for a little battle in dragon Action. or to Storm's End. But mostly it was centered on that. But now as things get serious, you'll be going to other locations, Winterfell and the Starks and you know, possibly, the Riverlands, Harrenhal, all of these places will be seen, more families and dragons will come into it and it just gets bigger.

GRRM: (18:49)Were you troubled by the time jumps and the castings as some people say they were?
Host: (18:56)I wouldn't say troubled. the feeling is this, that I wish that we could have spent more time with everything. And seen some of the relationships develop there. so I would've loved for it to be slower, but that's not like, I'm not really troubled because I also respect and understand and can see the decision making process that went into those choices. How about you?
GRRM: (21:07) Well, I mean, the hardest decision to make was the one I've just alluded to is where to begin. I mean, history is continuous. fire and blood, well both books actually, and this one longer than that one, present the history of Targaryen Dynasty, largely starting with any detail in Aegon's conquest. which is when Aegon the Conqueror and his two sisters sort of taking over Westeros. Now actually, there's history before that, you know, Aenar the Exile and his daughter Daenys the Dreamer, who sort of foresaw Doom of Valyria, came to Westeros and moved into Dragonstone like a century earlier. And then they had children and they died and the children became the Lords. And you know there was a number of generations that are listed there, but I don't go into any detail about them until I get to Aegon and Visenya and Rhaenys and their three dragons. and then there's Aegon's conquest. You know we could have began then, we could have begun with Aegon and not even reached the dance of Dragons for five seasons or something. Cuz there's a lot of…history is continuous. One of the things that inspired me to do Fire and Blood was a popular history book that I read way back in the fifties by Thomas b Costain, who was a very popular historical novelist of the period. and he mostly wrote historical fiction, but he did write a four volume history of the Plantagenets. And it starts from the beginning in a Plantagenets family, and it goes all the way through the the end of Plantagenets, which was the Wars of Roses when they were exterminated by the Tutors. so that's one way to do things. I mean, history just goes on and on. We see these shows, um, movies, television shows, books that have a beginning and middle and end. okay, here's a book about William the Conqueror, and it's right, William the Conqueror is born, William the Conqueror dies. But no, he's part of a, you know, there was someone before William the Conqueror, he had a father, he had a mother. Where did they come from? He had a father and mother. And after William the Conqueror died, there're more things. There's all the stories of his children. and who gets to be king after him? so that was the big challenge right now. We knew around 2016 it became clear that, uh, Game of Thrones was going to end, probably with seven seasons as it happened, but seven grew and it became eight. But at that point, HBO sort of said, well we need a new show. And I pitched them two shows. One of 'em was the Dunk and Egg Show, which they didn't pick up on, but I pitched them to Dance of the Dragons, which I already knew about, I'd already written about to some extent in some novellas and in the World of Ice and Fire history book, another illustrated coffee table book like that. And they like that. So we were going with The Dance of the Dragons, and we've been developing it since 2016 in one form and another, there were a couple of the writers on the show before Ryan Condal came on. And Ryan of course has done a amazing job. But one of the big issues with all of these writers was where to begin? Where to begin. Do you begin with Aegon's conquest? That's a long time ago. Do you begin with, well you saw the show, you saw where Ryan began. And I think he made a great choice. He began in 101 with the great council with the Lord's vote that Jaehaerys's heir, he's just lost his son Baelon, who has died of appendicitis. So who is his heir now. And they choose the Lord's vote to choose Viserys over Rhaenys. and then you immediately skip forward. It's just that one prologue scene. And then you skip forward to skip over Jaehaerys's death, skip over all that. Viserys has been in power for a number of years, and you pick it up with the tournament, the conflict with Daemon, the birth of his male heir. And of course, it turns into a horror when his wife Queen Aemma dies and the child dies a day later and Rhaenyra is declared heir. You recall all of that? but, I don't know if I should reveal this. Maybe I should wait for a Blueray or something after the show. But that was not, you know, handed down by some muse from ancient Greece. we, myself and the other writers had a lot of spirited discussions about where to begin that story. One of the writers wanted to begin it later, wanted to begin it essentially with Aemma dying. So skipped the great council, skipped the tournament screen sounds out Aemma's dead. That's where you begin. so that was one possibility. and another of the writers wanted to be an even later than that to begin with Viserys dying. So you open act one, scene one, Viserys is, ah oh. And what happens there? Well, then you have to present all that material in flashbacks or dialogue. That becomes challenging too. but we discussed all these possibilities. And the other possibility we discussed was it was actually my favorite possibility, but nobody liked it except me. I would've began it much earlier. I would've began it like 40 years earlier with a episode I would've called The Heir and the Spare in which Jaehaerys's two sons, Aemon and Baelon are alive. And we see the friendship, but also the rivalry between the two sides of the Great House. And then you know, Aemen dies accidentally when a Myrish crossbowman shoots him by accident on Tarth. And then Jaehaerys has to decide who becomes the new heir. Is it the daughter of the older son who's just died? Or is it the second son who's only, you know, has children of his own and is a man and she's just a teenage girl? You know, all of that stuff. So you could have presented all of that stuff, but then you would've had 40 more years and you would have even more time jumps and you would have even more recasts. And I was the only one who was really enthused about that. so I don't know, but I've always loved the poetry of Rudyard Kipling and I love his poem In the Neolithic Age where the refrain is "There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, And every single one of them is right!" And I think that's true for writing books or television shows. There are many ways you can approach these things, and if you do it well, it can work.

When it became clear [in 2016 or 17] that we were going to do the Dance of the Dragons show, we wanted a book to go with that. And I already had the seeds of the book from material that was in the World of Ice and Fire. And from the novellas I'd written for my friend Gardner Dozois, Princess and the Queen and the Rogue Prince and so forth. so I actually asked - we're in the Random House offices here, and I'm about to get them in terrible trouble - but I asked them, do you want me to just ignore the new show that's coming down the pike, or should I finish that book so you can get it out and then go back to. And they said, yeah, give us the new book that's closer to being done instead of two more books. So I put winds of winter aside for a while, and I concentrated on finishing Fire and Blood.

Host: (40:32) let's do something silly. I have a few questions here of the "would you rather", so let's play that. Would you rather be a maester or join the Kingsguard?
GRRM: (40:51)I would rather be a Maester of course. , I mean, uh, they're at the Citadel. They have books I could read all day and write all day, which is pretty much what I like. and the Kingsguard, I would have to dress an armor. It's very hot and uncomfortable and wear white all the time. It really gets dirty, very hard to keep that white armor and the white cloak clean. And both of 'em take vows of chastity. So I wouldn't get any wives or girlfriends in either case, so might as well go with the maester.
Host: (41:21)I think I know what, what you'll, what you'll say about this one, but then again, these two things are actually quite different. Would you rather have a dragon or a direwolf?
GRRM: (41:34)Well, that's an interesting question too. the dragon has certain advantages. Number one is you can fly and I would love to be able to fly as a kid. You know, I read superhero comics. I didn't want to be Batman, swinging on a rope by, wanted to be Superman and flying through the skies and all of that stuff. Flying is a primal dream. So yeah, flying on a dragon and being able to burn the hell out of my enemies, that's useful too. on the other hand, the direwolves are friendlier than the dragons. And you know, they're like big shaggy dogs and there was probably more of a close and affectionate bond between them. And I would like to have a direwolf right now at my house in Santa Fe, we moved into a new house a while ago. it's beautiful house, and it has a little kind of waterfall in the back and a well. It has a couple pools, beautiful pools. And I stocked those pools with koi, cuz I thought that would be cool. and the raccoons ate all of my koi . But if I had a direwolf, those raccoons would stayed hell away.
Host: (42:53)They would indeed. Would you rather have the Hound or the Mountain play defense for the New York Giants?
GRRM: (43:00)Uh, you gotta go with the Hound. I mean, the Mountain is bigger and he's fierce, so, but he would get constant penalties for un sportsmen like conduct and terrible things like that. You're not allowed to rip the head off opponents or pop their eyes out with your thumbs. That's definite. No, no. in the National Football League. So I'll go to the Hound.
Host: (43:24)So we have progressed in some ways over. would you rather have Tywin Lannister or Otto Hightower as your Hand?
GRRM: (43:32)Oh boy. I don't know. I can't have Tyrion on this?
Host: (43:40)That was not one of the options.
GRRM: (43:42). Um, I think Tywin. But it's hard. They're similar types. They're both pretty smart, but yeah.
Host: (43:57)Okay. Would you rather freeze to death beyond the Wall or burn alive in dragonfire?
GRRM: (44:06)that's another tough one. can I just live forever? I can't die the way Tyrion wanted to die. that's a pity. I can't say how he wanted to die, but it's in the books. Read the books. He's asked that question by Shagga son of Dolf. I think freezing. Fire is supposed to be a really, really painful way to die. I've always heard.
Host: (44:33)Yeah. And that, that brings me back slightly to the dragon or direwolf question. Do you think it's possible to have, to have a dragon and live a benevolent life? Like, would you inherently get pulled into using that power?
GRRM: (44:51)Well, that's an interesting question too. And it's a question if I may verge away from, with history and metaphor to the current reality we live in, you know, it's often been said that the dragons are the nuclear weapons of my imaginary world. They are the most devastating weapon, and they cause great destruction, massive loss of life. but they're not necessarily, you know, I mean, this is part of Dany's storyline and the original novels. I mean, Dany has three dragons, and she can destroy these cities like Meereen, where she finds herself queen, but doesn't mean she can necessarily rule them easily without destroying them. So when do you do that? And I grew up, I'm a baby boomer born in 1948, and growing up in the fifties, there was always the specter of nuclear war. I lived through the Cuban missile crisis, Khrushchev and sabre rattling. And all of the books about the nuclear holocaust are about Armageddon. what was gonna happen? We were worried about that. actually nuclear weapons have only been used twice in all of history. and they've been used on Hiroshima, Nagasaki. Um, afterwards, there was a long period where only America had, uh, nuclear weapons. Nobody else in the world had them. and there were people, believe it or not, like you're a science fiction fan, you know who Robert A Heinlein was? Heinlein, the dean of science fiction, fascinating guy cuz his politics, a lot of people think of him as conservative because of where he got in end of his life. But earlier when he was a young man, he was sort of a socialist. He ran there for office in California on Upton Sinclair's platform. And he actually advocated in letters that you can find that, uh, at the end of World War II when only America had the atomic bomb, he said America should give the atomic bomb to the newly formed United Nations, and it should be prohibited to all other countries. So we would have a world government and only the United Nations would be able to enforcing. And can you imagine if that had actually been done? What a very, very different world that we would live in. Maybe not one that we would like, but there's there, and thereafter, there was always these concerns about, well, we can win any of these wars, why did, I mean, MacArthur and some other people wanted to use the atomic bomb in a Korean war, when China invaded, well, let's, why are we letting 'em do that? We could win the war. Of course, by then, the Russians, I think, had it too, or Barry Goldwater in 1964 election. Why are we fighting this war in Vietnam? Let's just drop a nuke on Hanoi, Or at least that was the charge. But we never did it. We always refrained. We were the dragon rider who would not use our dragons, although we would kind of use them to intimidate them, except now more and more countries have that. We've tried nuclear non-proliferation. But, you know, Britain got them. Soviet Union got them, Britain got them, France got them. then it went to India and Pakistan and North Korea, for God's sakes. And Iran is trying to get them, and there's always the rumors that Israel has them. That's more countries get this, I think the danger becomes greater and greater someday someone is gonna use them. And right now, the danger is very high. I mean, you can turn on the news every day. Is Putin losing the war in Ukraine? Is he gonna resort to nukes? And then the question becomes, what if he does, If Putin resorts to nukes, does America unleash its dragons? or do we not? And let him get away from it. These ar profound questions. We could debate this for an hour with a panel of Political scientists and things like that. And it's not an easy answer to.

Q(66:19):Is there a character that you would've liked to explore and write more about, but not able to in a song of Ice and Fire or Fire and Blood?
A: well, yes, there are, in fact a lot of characters. one of the things about Fire and Blood in particular, is its nature as a history meant I was summarizing things. And as I summarized those things, characters appeared, be they major or minor, there was always part of me, the novelist part in the back of my mind said, Oh, I could write a whole novel about that character. oh boy, I wish I had time to, I could at least write a story about them. and I've been tempted to do that many times. there are some characters, it's hard to explain in some ways why some characters trigger something in me or fascinate me and others maybe don't. But a character like the Dragon Knight, this very gallant, one of the greatest knights in, in the history of Westeros or Nettles, who is a dragonrider in the Dance. Where does she come from? Where does she go to? What is her life like? What is her life like after she fades from the public sphere? those are interesting. I have thought at various points of time writing an entire novel about charater we haven't gotten to yet. Aegon the fourth, Aegon the Unworthy. He's like Henry VIII of Westeros, except worse. He has all these Mr. Sees and he's not a nice guy, but he's a interesting guy. And that's something that fascinates me. What makes a villain? What makes a hero? are there people who are all good and all evil? I don't know, but there's a million characters. I just need to live to be, you know, 150. and I can write all of this.
Q(68:38): what was one of your favorite scenes to write in a series and one of your least favorite?
A: well I don't know if I could name one favorite scene and one least favorite scene. I did generally always like writing about Tyrion. The Tyrion chapter seemed to write themselves, and I had a very hard time to, The struggle was writing from Bran because Bran of all the characters was the one who was most involved in magic. And I think magic and fantasies sorcery the Supernatural, all of these things have to be handled with a great deal of care, or they can overwhelm the story. So I rewrote some of those Bran chapters over and over again, and I'm still struggling with the new ones that are in the winds of winter. But hopefully we're getting there
Q(69:31):what scene from Fire and Blood are you most excited to see brought to the screen?
A: well, yeah, the battle over the Gods Eye. although that battle that they did in the season finale was pretty amazing too.
Q(69:48): what is your favorite seemingly minor moment that changed the course of Westeros's history?
A: there are a couple of 'em. I think in the Hedge Knight, the first Dunk and Egg story, the death of Baelor Breakspear, who was the heir next in line to the throne, and I think would've been a very strong and very competent king who dies to defend the honor of an insignificant hedge knight. how is Westeros history different if Baylor does not die? that would be very significant. And similarly, the whole dance of the dragons I mentioned earlier, the heir and the spare. I mean, Jaehaerys the old King had 13 children, It seemed a succession was very solid. he had the proverbial heir and spare, and two very competent sons, Aemon and Baelon. And Aemon was killed while flying on his dragon to Tarth to help defending is against some pirates and Myrish people. And he was killed by a crossbow. Well, it was not even meant for him. There was the even star of Tarth. The Lord was well known to the Myrish, and they would determine to take him out. And crossbowman didn't even recognize who was this new guy who was walking alongside him, but he just missed. And suddenly the whole succession was thrown into doubt. And in some ways, you could say that was one of the first things that caused the dance of dragons.
Q (73:38)if you could choose a time or place in Westeros history that you could revisit in future stories, what would it be?
A: you know, virtually everything in Fire and Blood, all the histories. There's part of me that would love to flesh them out a little more. Tell the full story in the form of a novella or a novel. and we saw even more of that in the TV show. I mean, we had 10 episodes. people have said that time jumps were jarring to them. And Rhaenyra's relationship with Harwin Strong, she had three children by him, but we never even see them get together for the first time or kiss. We never have a scene when they first slept with each other. We don't know exactly what has happened and how he felt about that, and how Laenor felt about him. There's a whole story there. There's at least a novella, maybe a novel. But we'd simply did not have the time to tell it. and it did not fit the format of my history books. So, but it's a story, and I would love to love to do that.Q: (76:10)Are you Team Black or Team Green?A: Well, I don't know. Read the book. Have to make your own mind up on that. Maybe I'm a bit of both teams.
Q: (76:24)what's smaller House in Westeros is the most fascinating to you and why?
A: again, that's a tough one. I do get interested in the history of many of these smaller houses. obviously House Velaryon, which was largely very much in the background in a Song of Ice and Fire, but is very much in the foreground of Fire and Blood and House of the Dragon, is a house that has engaged me. And you know, one of the successor shows we're working on is called Nine Voyages. It's the earlier voyage of Corlys Velaryon, who was the Sinbad de Sailor, the Magellan, the Captain Kirk on the water of Westeros. And he made these incredible nine voyages to the far ends of the earth. So House Velaryon is one that's interested in me. I've always had a soft spot for House Blackwood, which has a interesting history. And they're one of the few houses south of the neck that still follows the old gods and has a weirwood tree. And they, they have not adopted to faith of seven. That's an interesting to me. How did they work out? Some of the houses in Dorne interest me a great deal. you know, Nymeria, how she unified all of Dorne, all of the petty kingdoms. That's fascinating, and we hope to tell that story too in one of the successor shows, 10,000 Ships, but also House Starfall, House Dayne, whose headquarters is Starfall, and they have the Sword Dawn, which is even more potent than the Valyrian steel swords. It's forged from a fallen star. And the man who wields it is called as Sword of the Morning. And they have at least in my head, they have a very colorful, rich, kind of mysterious, interesting background that one day I would like to write about. That just need to be seven of me, and they need to be 37 hours in a day, and I need to be 35 years old again. But sadly, none of these things are likely to occur.
Q: (78:49)Do you have an update on the Winds of Winter?
A: you know, it's the same update I've been having for a long time. I continue to work on it. It continues to get longer and longer. I was working on it the day before. I flew back here for three or four days, but I was rereading some chapters that I'd written earlier, and I didn't like them well enough. And so I kind of ripped them apart and rewrote them. and I've had some ideas while I've been on this trip. I gotta get back and hopefully get to it while the ideas are still fresh in my head. it's a big, big book. I've said that before. It's a challenging book. it's probably gonna be a larger book than any of the previous volumes in the series. The Dance with Dragons and Storm of Swords are the two largest books in the series. They were both about 1500 manuscript pages. I think this one is gonna be longer than that by the time I'm finish it. And I think I'm about three quarters of the way done, maybe. but that's not a hundred percent done. So I have to continue to work on it. And of course, then there's the issue here of my friends at Random House. When I deliver this monstrous book that will be as big as Dragon, are they gonna try to make me cut it in two or are they gonna do something other horrible to me? Eh, no. we'll find out about that. But first I have to finish it. I have to get it all done. And I've given up making predictions cuz people press me and press me. When's it gonna be done? And I make what I think is best case estimate, and then stuff happens. And yeah, then everybody gets mad that I lied. I've never lied about these predictions that the best I can make. But I guess I overestimate my ability to get stuff done, and I underestimate the amount of interruptions and other projects and other demands that will distract me and so on and so on. But it's in progress. I'm working on it. I'm creeping forward. But one day it will be done and then it will come out, and then the next day someone will tweet me. When will we see a dream of spring ? So yes I can see the future. I'm a science fiction guy.
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